Hello! My name is Gwen Eris, and I知 a gothic model from Canada. When I知 not modelling, I知 working either on my creative writing projects or on my graduate degree in English literature. I have a fondness for dark, vampiric themes in photographs.

I started modelling in 2015, so I知 quite new at this! I hope to learn and improve with each shoot that I do. I also hope, through my journey with modelling, that I can learn more about gothic fashion and lifestyle. I find that involving myself in the online community has taught me various things about makeup, jewelry, and clothes. I知 excited to learn more!

I hope to use platforms such as Althemy and other social media to discuss my experience as a model with mental illnesses. I hope to share my individual experience with others and spread awareness about the challenges and rewards of living with mental illness in the gothic and alternative community! I think many people in the community can relate to my struggles. I hope that by speaking about them openly, I can encourage people to be their true selves!

When I知 not working on my next novel or doing homework, I like to play the harp. I own a small black harp, otherwise known as a Harpsicle Harp. I have been playing for about two years now, but unfortunately I don稚 get to practice much anymore due to my workload at school. One day I hope to learn more dark and haunting songs to play for you.

Facebook: gwenerismodelling
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gwen.eris